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Part # 29982
Hermetic Storage Jar

Display your products in this traditional 125 ml clear glass hermetic storage jar with airtight seal and metal hinged clamp. The hermetic seal keeps out air and moisture making it perfect for storing…
125 gram, 125 ml, 4.17 oz.; 3.19 inch (81...

Jar with Cap and Disc Liner

Sample or store a variety of cosmetic formulations in this white, 100 ml polypropylene jar that contains a clear disc liner.
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Threaded Jars and Smooth Unlined Flat Caps

…your product in these 60 gram (Part # 29880) and 170 gram (Part # 29921) polypropylene threaded jars. Fits with corresponding White (Part # 29886) and Black (Part # 29887) smooth unlined flat caps.
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Frosted Apothecary Jar with Cap and Spoon

jar with cork style cap made from compressed wood. The jar comes with a petite wooden spoon that can be easily stored on the side of the jar. For Part # 29970, the spoon measures 1 gram, 1 ml, .03…
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