7 Ml Vial And Caps With Applicator Tips

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8 ml Vial and Cap with Applicator Tips, Matte Black

This 8 ml matte black PETG vial is perfect for packaging various liquid formulations. Choose from five different caps with applicator tips: Brow Brush (Part # 87016), Eyeliner Brush (Part # 87017),…
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7 ml Paper Wrapped Vial and Cap, White with Flocked Doe Foot Lip Gloss Applicator and Wiper

…this 7 ml ABS vial with lip gloss, liquid lipstick or concealer. The vial (Part # 30029) is paper wrapped for a unique look. Corresponds with our Flocked Tip Doe Foot Lip Gloss Applicator Cap and…
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7 ml Vial and Caps with Applicator Tips

Fill the 7 ml vial (Part #29996) with any lip gloss, liquid makeup, gel or serum. Choose from two different caps with applicator tips; either our Brush Tip (Part #29994) or Flat Flocked Tip Doe Foot…
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Tube, Wiper and Applicator Tip Caps

…brow gels or lip glosses with this 8 ml LDPE dispensing tube. Fits our matte black cap with mascara wand tip (Part # 74220) or matte black cap with doe foot applicator (Part #74221) and reducer…
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Square Vial with Mirror, Wiper and Cap with Flocked Tip Doe Foot Applicator

7 ml square vial with any liquid makeup, gel, serum or lip gloss formulation. The square vial has a convenient mirror on the side for on-the-go application. Fits corresponding Cap with Flocked Tip Doe…
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