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Part # 41526
Ardell® Professional Magnetic Lash Applicator

lashes with this easy-to-use Ardell® Professional Magnetic Lash Applicator. Directions: Attach upper and lower magnetic lash to applicator prongs. Position the upper prong above your natural lash and…
3.375 inch (85.7 mm)

Part # 513709
DUO® 2-in-1 Brush-On Striplash Adhesive

…with strip lashes or individual lashes. Usage: Check fit of lashes and trim excess if needed. Apply a thin line of adhesive along band and spread evenly with a disposable applicator. Wait 30 seconds…
5 grams, 5 ml, 0.18 oz.

DUO® QUICK-SET™ Striplash Adhesive

…silicone applicator for precise application. Check fit of lashes and trim if needed. Then apply a thin line of adhesive along lash band. Wait a few seconds for adhesive to set and place lash as close…
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Part # 513655
Slanted Tweezer, Silver

These slanted stainless steel tweezers are perfect for precise face and body hair removal.
3.8 inch (96.5 mm)

Large Tapered Head Mascara Wand

Lengthen and curl lashes as you apply mascara with this large tapered head mascara wand. This disposable applicator is great for maintaining a hygienic environment during makeovers and in a retail…
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Part # 17555
Jade Stone

Use this jade stone as a palette to hold glue during eyelash extension application. Jade has cooling properties to prevent the glue from drying rapidly. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Use…
1.91 inch Diameter (48.61 mm)

Part # 96705
Small Under Eye Pad

…protecting skin from eye shadow fallout, for use during facial treatments and eyelash extension application. Use hypoallergenic tape or a small amount of ointment or eye treatment product that is safe…
1.96 inch x 1.18 inch (1.96 mm x 30 mm)

Part # 513615
Curved Eyelash Applicator

…steel curved eyelash applicator. Pick up the lashes between the curved tips and gently pull away from the tray. Apply glue and place at the lash line. This item is also ideal for nail art application.
5 inch (127 mm)

Mini Tweezer

These mini stainless steel tweezers are perfect for reaching small areas. So lightweight and portable they are great for travel. Each tweezer is conveniently packaged for individual retail sale.
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DUO® Eyelash Adhesive

…disposable applicator. Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to set and place lash as close to your natural lash line as possible. Try using Qosmedix professional lash applicators to apply lashes. Finish by…
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Bendable Precision Fine Tip Applicator

Perfect for the individual lash extension application process, these bendable precision applicators have microfiber tips that can be used for removing, cleansing and applying coating. They can also…
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Part # 513640
Ardell® Professional Dual Lash Applicator

…strip lashes with this Ardell® Professional Dual Lash applicator. Pick up and hold the lashes between the curved tips and gently pull away from the tray. Apply glue and place the lash along lash line.…
4.32 inch x 4 inch (109.72 mm x 101.66 mm)

Detail Applicator

Maintain a hygienic sampling environment with this disposable, detail applicator. Ideal for creating precise lines with liquid eyeliner and can also be used to apply lash adhesive to false eyelashes.
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Part # 513619
Shadow Shields™

…applying eye makeup. For more adhesion remove the entire top strip and apply. Can also be used to create a straight edge for shadow, perfect a winged cat eye and aid in precise lipstick application.
2.25 inch (57.2 mm)

Part # 30357
Curved Eyelash Comb with Protective Cover

This curved eyelash comb is perfect for defining and separating eyelashes before or after mascara application.
5.4 inch (137.99 mm)