Lip Balm

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Oval Lip Balm Containers and Caps

These 4.5 gram, 0.15 oz. plastic containers are the perfect choice for packaging lip balms. Easy to use, just twist the dial at the bottom to advance the formula upward.
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Open-Ended Tubes with Slanted Reducers and Threaded Caps, White

…squeezable white tube with slanted reducer and threaded cap is perfect for packaging lip gloss and lip balms. The tube comes open-ended for easy factory filling. The open end of these tubes must be…
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Round Lip Balm Container and Cap

This 0.5 oz. plastic lip balm container has a ribbed turning wheel mechanism at the base that allows for product to be easily dispensed. Must be purchased with corresponding cap, Part # 29792.
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Crimped Dispensing Tube with Slanted Reducer and Cap

Use this squeezable, crimped 10 ml PVC dispensing tube to package lip gloss, lip balm and other liquid formulations. The slanted reducer helps make application easy.
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