Lip Brush Applicator

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Part # 76681
Flat Spatula Tip Applicator

…single-use silicone flat tip spatula is perfect for testing lip gloss or lipstick in a retail setting. The flexible spatula tip allows for a smooth and efficient application with little product waste.
4 inch (101.6 mm)

Shiny Silver Cap with Flocked Doe Foot Lip Gloss Applicator and Vial

This 1.5 ml PETG vial is perfect for packaging or sampling lip gloss. Must be purchased with corresponding doe foot applicator cap and wiper, Part # 29914.
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Square Vial with Flocked Doe Foot Lip Gloss Applicator Cap & Wiper

Precisely apply lip gloss or any liquid makeup, gel or serum with this flocked doe foot lip gloss applicator that comes with an attached matte silver cap and wiper. Fill the 12 ml clear PETG vial with…
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Dual Ended Flocked Doe Foot Lip Gloss Applicators and Vials

lip glosses or other liquid formulations. Package two different formulas or give a double dose of the same formula in different shades by pairing with our double ended caps, with flocked applicator
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3.5 ml Vial and Cap with Applicator Tips, Matte Black

…from five different caps with applicator tips: Brow Brush (Part # 87010) Eyeliner Brush (Part # 87011), Mascara Wand (Part # 87012), Lip Brush (Part # 87013), and Doe Foot Applicator (Part # 87014).
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Tube, Wiper and Applicator Tip Caps

…mascaras, brow gels or lip glosses with this 8 ml LDPE dispensing tube. Fits our matte black cap with mascara wand tip (Part # 74220) or matte black cap with doe foot applicator (Part #74221) and…
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Square Vial with Mirror, Wiper and Cap with Flocked Tip Doe Foot Applicator

…makeup, gel, serum or lip gloss formulation. The square vial has a convenient mirror on the side for on-the-go application. Fits corresponding Cap with Flocked Tip Doe Foot Applicator and Wiper (Part…
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Part # 522105
Qosmedix® Makeover Supply Kit

…store. This kit includes a sharpener, point/flat tip swabs, eye shadow and lip gloss applicators, lip and eye liner brushes, mascara wands, boomerang spatulas, a latex-free sponge block and round…
10.5 inch x 6.19 inch x 1.56 inch (266.7 mm...

Crimped Dispensing Tube with Slanted Reducer and Cap

Use this squeezable, crimped 10 ml PVC dispensing tube to package lip gloss, lip balm and other liquid formulations. The slanted reducer helps make application easy.
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