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Part # 503401
Nail File

Recommended for use on artificial nails, this 7 inch 2-way black nail file is made with 100 grit on one side and 180 grit on the other.
100/180 Grit; 7 inch x 0.75 inch (177.8 mm...

Part # 503407
Buffing Block, White

Buff and smooth out nails during manicure and pedicure treatments with this white buffing block. This item is perfect to include in your clients' individual nail kits.
120 Grit; 3.75 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch (95.3...

Part # 88880
Mini Beauty Supply Organizer

…secure while traveling. The extra small size of this organizer makes it ideal to fit into your kit or store on top of a counter. Can also be used to store nail art supplies and other craft supplies.
4.97 inch x 3.48 inch x 1.12 inch (126.44...

Part # 503757
Point/Bevel Tip Manicure Stick

Perform hygienic practices during nail treatments by using this mini 2.75 inch birchwood disposable dual ended manicure stick with a pointed tip on one end and a bevel tip on the other.
2.75 inch (70 mm)

Nail File

Perfect for use on natural as well as artificial nails, this dual sided pink nail file is made with 180 grit on one side and 240 grit on the other. The ideal size for manicure/pedicure kits, gift with…
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Part # 513646
Diane® Straight Toenail Clippers 36-Pack

…file by Diane® are conveniently packaged in a clear reusable container making them perfect for use in salons or as a retail item. The blades are straight, which allows you to cut nails with ease.
3.15 inch (80 mm)

Part # 503406
Tapered Nail File

Tapered Nail File
180/240 Grit; 6 inch (152.4 mm)

Part # 503410
Mini Buffing Blocks, Orange

Buff and smooth out nails during manicure and pedicure sessions with these disposable mini orange buffing blocks. Help maintain a sanitary working environment by using disposables on your clients…
100/180 Grit; 1 inch x 1 inch (25.4 mm x 25...

Partex™ Bleach Guard™ Royale™ Cotton Towels

…Partex™ is resistant to bleach, hair color, peroxide and acetone making it perfect for hair and nail salons. This towel also has an advanced hemming feature which improves performance and durability…
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Part # 93314
Graham Beauty® HandsDown® Lint-Free Nail Wipes

Made from a lint-free non-woven fabric, Graham Beauty® HandsDown® Nail Wipes are ideal for cleaning brushes and tools. Great for prepping nails before polish, artificial nails or nail art is applied.
2 inch x 2 inch (50.8 mm x 50.8 mm)

Part # 503746
Cuticle Stick

Maintain a hygienic environment with this pink tipped 3.5 inch disposable plastic cuticle stick.
3.5 inch (88.9 mm)

Part # 29879
Mini Nail Polish Bottle

This 2 ml mini glass nail polish bottle with black cap is the perfect vehicle for packaging or sampling nail polish.
2 ml, 0.07 oz.

Part # 503826
Intrinsics® Toe Rope

…to weave between toes and perfect for sanitary single use. The 100% Cotton toe rope keeps wet nails from touching and provides ultimate comfort for your clients all while making a quality statement…
6 inch x 0.30 inch (152.4 mm x 7.6 mm)

Textured Cleansing Pad with Finger Notch

Gently remove makeup and nail polish, or apply toning lotion with this 2.17 inch diameter disposable round textured pad made of lyocell and polyester. The finger notch helps you separate and grab…
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Part # 96585
Swisspers® Dual Textured Oval Cotton Pad

…oval cotton pads are lint-free and quilted for strength. The flat side is ideal for applying toners, astringents and lotions, while the quilted side is great for removing nail polish and makeup.
3.5 inch x 2.7 inch (88.9 mm x 68.6 mm)