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Part # 93532
Fore Naturals Make-Up Remover

Fore Naturals Make-Up Remover contains a gentle blend of ingredients that removes makeup in one easy step and replenishes the skin. The large gallon size is convenient for use at makeup counters,…
1 Gallon, 128 fl. oz.

5 ml Glass Spray Bottle with Pump and Cap

This 5 ml glass spray bottle with corresponding screw top spray pump is the perfect vehicle for sampling fragrance or other liquid based formulations.
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Vial with Lotion Pump and Overcap, Natural

These vials are the perfect vehicle for sampling serums, lotions or other cream-based formulations.
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Screw Top Spray Vials, Natural with Pump and Cap, Clear

This natural spray vial is the perfect vehicle for packaging fragrance or other liquid-based formulations.
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15 ml Crimped Tube, Natural with Flip Top Cap

Let customers take home a sample of serums, lotions, gels or foundations with these squeezable 15 ml natural tubes with flip top caps. This item fits easily in a purse or travel makeup bag.
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3 ml Crimped Tube, Natural with Screw Cap

Let customers take home a sample of serums, lotions, gels or foundations with these squeezable 3 ml natural tubes with screw caps. This item fits easily in a purse or travel makeup bag.
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Part # 93523
Purell® Healthy Soap® Hand Soap

Purell® Healthy Soap® with natural moisturizers nourishes while cleaning to support your skin's natural ability to protect against dirt and germs.
12 fl oz., 354 ml

Narrow-Mouth Wash Bottle with Curved Dispensing Tip

This lightweight LDPE 125 ml wash bottle is the perfect vehicle for storing cleaning solutions, water or acetone. Gently squeeze the plastic bottle to allow for a controlled flow of liquid. The long…
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Ardell® Professional Magnetic Lashes

…reusable and easy to apply. To Use: Place the upper lash on top of your natural lash line and the under lash beneath you natural lash line. Small thin magnets on each lash band will connect the upper…
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LDPE Bottle with Fine Mist Sprayer or Flip Top Cap

This 118 ml LDPE bottle is perfect for storing various liquid formulations. Fits with our corresponding fine mist sprayer with smooth neck and overcap (Part # 503313) or ribbed flip top cap (Part #…
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Part # 513424
Ardell® Professional 3D Faux Mink with Invisiband® 857, Black

…an effortlessly glamorous look. Staggered lengths create a feathery 3D effect and seamlessly blend with your natural lashes. The knot-free Invisiband® provides a seamless look and comfortable wear.
3.90 inch x 2.95 inch x 0.5 inch (99.1 mm x...

Ardell® Professional Faux Mink with Invisiband®, Black

…for an effortlessly glamorous look. Super-soft, tapered fibers are crisscrossed to resemble natural lashes. Shorter inner corners and longer outer lashes create a flare effect. The knot-free…
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Part # 41526
Ardell® Professional Magnetic Lash Applicator

…Attach upper and lower magnetic lash to applicator prongs. Position the upper prong above your natural lash and lower prong directly beneath it. Press prongs together and quickly release to connect…
3.375 inch (85.7 mm)

Part # 93511
DUKAL™ Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover Pads

These nail polish remover pads quickly and gently remove nail polish from artificial and natural nails. Each pad is individually wrapped for your convenience. Warnings: For external use only. Avoid…
2.25 inch x 2 inch (57.2 mm x 50.8 mm)

Intrinsics® Gentle Cleansing Towels

These 100% cotton Intrinsics® Gentle Cleansing Towels are moistened with natural botanicals including white tea and bamboo along with cucumber and green tea aroma. These soft textured, hypoallergenic…
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