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Part # 90065
Mini Blending Sponge Set

…easily reach facial contours with our purple mini oblong blending sponge and pink slanted sponge tip applicator brush. Use the sponges wet or dry to achieve your desired effect. These items come…

Part # 30354
Sponge Tip Smudge Brush

sponge tip smudge brush from the Black & Silver PRO Brush Collection. The small dome shape of the soft polyurethane sponge helps make blending and diffusing color easy. You can also use the brush for…
5 inch (127 mm)

Part # 30338
Sponge Tip Applicator Brush, Pink

sponge tip applicator brush helps apply liquid makeup products flawlessly to the skin. The unique design makes it easy to blend makeup into the contours of the face. To clean, gently wash the sponge
7 inch (177.8 mm)

Part # 522105
Qosmedix® Makeover Supply Kit

…tip swabs, eye shadow and lip gloss applicators, lip and eye liner brushes, mascara wands, boomerang spatulas, a latex-free sponge block and round embossed cotton pads. We also offer a convenient…
10.5 inch x 6.19 inch x 1.56 inch (266.7 mm...