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Part # 99979
Measuring Spoon

Measuring Spoon
5 gram, 0.17 oz., 5 ml; 2.75 inch (69.9 mm)

Sampling Spoon

This disposable polystyrene sampling spoon is ideal for scooping out or measuring small amounts of product.
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Curved Spoon Spatula

The unique shape and elegant design of this curved spoon spatula makes it the perfect companion to luxury brand packaging.
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Part # 20221
Scoop, White

This disposable white scoop with long handle is ideal for measuring small amounts of formulas up to 0.15 ml.
0.15 gram, 0.005 oz., 0.15 ml; 3.25 inch ...

Measuring Scoop

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This scoop is perfect for dosing out bath salts, body scrubs, powders or other cosmetic formulations. The flat surface of the scoop allows for level measuring.
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